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Parent’s Testimonials

We take pride in the families that we serve and want you to read first-hand what parents have to say.

3 responses to “What Parents Have to Say”

  1. I feel extremely comfortable with my child attending The Little Peoples Workplace. The professionalism, cleanliness, classroom setting, and individualized care and attention that my child receives far exceed my expectations. I am very pleased with how well my child is learning and would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for “Quality” childcare.

  2. The Little Peoples Workplace is a wonderful and nurturing environment for children to learn in and grow. Ms. Dea is one of those rare teachers that truly care about each of her children and their learning progression. She takes the time to work with them no matter the difficulty and still remains patient and understanding. Finding someone who truly cares about educating our youth is hard to find, along with finding a quality preschool with good structure in a fun learning environment, The Little Peoples Workplace is both of those and much more. Your children will benefit well from this program.

  3. I would like to give a standing ovation to The Little Peoples Workplace, owned and operated by Ms. Dea Bond. My son joined The Little Peoples Workplace at 18 months old. Thanks to Ms. Dea, my son was tested early by The Board of Education and passed at the 98 percentile and will begin Kindergarten at the age of 4. He knows how to read and write; he loves math, building blocks, and puzzles. It’s hard to believe all the things he knows and is excited to share. Ms. Dea is dedicated and makes learning a number one priority. There are no children left behind in her program. Thank you Ms. Dea for an outstanding job!

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