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Our Daily Schedule

A typical day consists of both planned and unplanned events. A daily schedule is provided to help guide learning experiences and give children the security of knowing what will happen next.

Our day begins with:

  • A.M. Greeting / Small Group Activity – Children enjoy playing as they anxiously await the arrival of their friends.
  • Music & Movement – To encourage listening skills, language, and literacy. The children enjoy a variety of nursery rhymes, poems, kid aerobics, kid yoga, & dance.
  • Circle Time (Morning Meeting) – To include our welcome song, recognition of the calendar to determine the day, month, & date of the year, the weather, storytime, and whole group instruction to explore topics of study and increase language & literacy.
children painting together
children playing monoblocks
  • Learning Centers – Children work in their learning centers and can build social skills, problem-solving skills, fine motor development, creativity, mathematical thinking, language & literacy. (During this time, children are called into small groups to participate in one on one activities to increase learning skills).
  • Gross Motor – Active indoor/outdoor games & play to increase physical development and exercise.
  • Creative Arts – Exploration, and use of a variety of materials for tactile experiences and self-expression.
  • Lunch – Happy healthy eating habits are encouraged and allow children the opportunity to socialize amongst friends.
  • Nap Time – Everyone has a rest period. Children who can’t sleep rest quietly on their mats. As the children awake, we prepare for clean-up time.
  • Circle Time (Afternoon Meeting) – To include science and math activities to increase discovery and exploration, problem-solving, fine motor, self-help skills, and story time.
  • Afternoon Snack / P.M. Greeting / Indoor-Outdoor Play – A light afternoon snack is provided as children prepare for dismissal and enjoy small group activities as friends depart at staggered times.
children using magnifying glass and studying plants
Small child washing her hands with soap in the sink
  • * Health & Safety is a priority, and frequent hand washing is a model for proper hygiene at TLPW.
  • * Potty training/bathroom breaks are provided throughout the day on an as-needed basis.
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happy kid playing with block